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Create sound your way with the Humbird.

The duraMOBI Humbird is a next generation audio device that turns almost any surface into a speaker. Delivered in a palm-sized, beautiful CD design, with a simple connection, the Humbird's bone conduction technology resonates sound throughout any hollow surface, creating amplified sound that can reach up to an astounding 115 decibels, which is four to five times the volume of an average mobile device. When paired with a second unit, the Humbird automatically switches to true wireless stereo sound for a full impact experience. The Humbird works with any open-ended container to amplify music, podcasts, phone calls, video games, and films anytime, anywhere. With a traditional speaker, your sound is limited by the space and direction allotted to project it, but with the Humbird, the sound is projected throughout the entire chosen surface for unlimited, even sound.

You can attach the Humbird to your favorite instrument to capture a unique recording session using the Humbird's internal microphone, for instant playback with deep tonal sound. You can also turn the volume down to take a private call in a loud space for crystal clear sound that only you can hear. Secure the Humbird to your favorite helmet to enjoy the perfect soundtrack to your favorite travel modes without compromising your safety or the environment around you.

The Humbird is also versatile, allowing you to enjoy it with different surfaces to customize your experience. The Humbird is sleek in design, lightweight, and portable. It features a high-speed Type C port that charges in less than 30 minutes and a 400 mAh battery that lasts for over three hours of continuous playtime. You can play any audio signal transmitted via Bluetooth or your favorite FM station.

The duraMOBI  Humbird really is the next advancement in a personalized sound environment and the perfect investment for technology lovers with an appreciation for innovative design.

Create sound your way with the Humbird.


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